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Noosa Headz Organic Hair Salon

Nourishing & Organic

Noosa Headz

Organic Hair

Where sustainability and peace of mind meets the ultimate in hair nourishment, Noosa Heads offers the finest in organic hair experiences. Rid your hair and scalp of aggressive, toxic chemicals and nourish yourself with natural, functional and active ingredients whilst hugging our planet. Welcome to the Noosa Heads organic concept salon.


•  Organic teas
•  Locally made coffee
•  15-minute free consultations
•  An on-going reward system
•  Free fringe trims between salon visits
•  Luxe experience


We care about our customers and our planet.


We use non-toxic, non-aggressive, natural ingredients.


We recycle and only use safe cleaning products.

No Nasties

Our hair products are natural, organic and cruelty free.

Eco Head

Our water filters remove chloride, rust and dirt for softer hair.

Noosa Headz Hairstylist

Services & Pricing

We specialise in advanced colour techniques, high fashion results, precision cutting and grey coverage.

Noosa Headz Organic OWAY Products

Organic Products

Noosa Headz uses biodynamic, organic products from OWAY. Available for purchase from our salon.

Nourish Your Hair

with a luxe organic hair experience

Noosa Headz Organic Hair Experience
Noosa Headz Organic Hair Products
Noosa Headz Organic OWAY Products
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Noosa Headz Organic Hair Salon
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